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Versiunea Romana
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PVC and PE electrical tapes
Metallic tapes
Double sided tapes and transfer tapes
Surface protection films
Adhesive foams
Printing and graphic tapes
Sealant products
Self amalgamating tapes
Printing and graphic tapes
Materials: PE foams, PVC, MOPP films, polyester, cloth, cellulose
   - mounting rubber and photopolymer flexographic printing stereos
   - fixing of photo films (negative and positive) during photo films processing
     - 0,38 mm - 1,52 mm (PE foams);
     - 0,01 mm - 0,03 mm (films); 50 mm (cellulose).
     - 9, 12, 19, 25, 38, 50 mm (cellulose)
     - the other tapes can be cut in any widths upon clients requests
  Length: - 33, 66 M (cellulose); 10, 25 M (other tapes)
     - easy & clean removal
     - high adhesion and breaking resistance (flexographic mounting tapes)
     - easy hand tearing, facilitating its applications (for cellulose tapes)