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PVC and PE electrical tapes
Metallic tapes
Double sided tapes and transfer tapes
Surface protection films
Adhesive foams
Printing and graphic tapes
Sealant products
Self amalgamating tapes
Sealant products
Materials: PIB, rubber resin or synthetic rubber based mastics. Possibility to laminate them in line with foils and films like: Al, polyester, PVC.
   - Air tight sealing, insulation
   - Electrical insulation for high voltage cables
   - Use in heating and ducting joints to ensure an air tight seal
   - Use in joints insulation in water tanks construction
   - Used as a moisture barrier in roof system
   - Thickness: between 0.8 and 25 mm
   - Width: between 3 and 500 mm
   - Length: depends on the material
It can be supplied in different dimensions upon clients' requests.
   - High electrical and water insulation properties
   - Very good tear and shear resistance
   - Very conformable with excellent adhesion
   - Excellent ageing characteristics and plasticizer resistant in a wide range of temperatures