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PVC and PE electrical tapes
Metallic tapes
Double sided tapes and transfer tapes
Surface protection films
Adhesive foams
Printing and graphic tapes
Sealant products
Self amalgamating tapes
Adhesive foams
Material: PVC, PE or PU foams with low, medium or high density
   - Different bounding, sealing, cushioning, protecting, mounting and fixing applications
   - Glass paneled door manufacture
   - In ventilation or air conditioning applications
   - Mounting of emblems, body mounting on doors, furniture, automotive industry
   - Thickness: between 0.4 and 15 mm
   - Width: upon clients' request
   - Length: 50, 60 M
   - Excellent adhesive properties on different surfaces
   - Very good temperature and moisture resistance
   - UV, dust and environmental conditions resistant
   - Excellent shock and vibration reducer