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About Us
Industrial Mecano Group is the biggest producer and distributor of packaging materials and machines in Romania, with the possibility to become one of the biggest in South East Europe.

Until the year 2000 the main activity developed by Industrial Mecano (I.M.) was trading but, the year 2001 was a real landmark for our business: we started production.

In a few words we will try to point out the most important moments along the history of the investments developed by I.M. starting with 2001:

  • June 2001: the first extrusion line for processing LDPE was put into service; at that moment was one of the most modern lines on the European market.
  • December 2001: we started production of hand stretch film after purchasing a converting machine for stretch films.
  • July 2002: a complete line for recycling plastic foils starts to work; with its help the production costs of the LDPE shrink films were reduced; we also wanted to meet the more and more evident European trends in environment protection.
  • September 2002: the 2nd extruder for PE processing starts to work; with a smaller production capacity than the first one, it was initially designed to "help" the big one in times of high demands, but it soon started to work at full capacity due to the constant growth of this market.
  • October 2004: the 3rd extrusion line was put into service; a modern one with 3 extruders, designed to produce 3 layered films.
  • November 2005: we started the first cast line to produce LLDPE stretch film in a new plant; a joint-venture investment with one of our traditional partners, MACPLAST SPA Italy, a company well-known for the good quality of its products.

All investments presented above, together with the efforts of our management team, led Industrial Mecano to a turnover of 11.41 million EUR at the end of 2004.