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Shrink film
In June 2001 we started production of LDPE (low density polyethylene) shrink film.
Due to competitive prices and good quality of the film we produce, we managed to consolidate our position on the Romanian market.

Now, the extrusion lines have an overall production capacity of about 600 tons / month in a wide range of types and dimensions.

   - thickness: 20 - 200 microns
   - width: 50 - 4000 mm
   - shrinkable foils with a high degree of clarity and transparency, suitable for any kind of packaging systems or lines, with or without sealing rod. Can be produced as flat films, tubular, center-folded or hoods.
   - non-shrinkable foils for agriculture, building industry etc.

* On specific requests we can produce colored films, micro-perforated or with different treatments: "corona", antistatic, UV protection.